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we provide truly prominent IT solutions.


When email goes down and those vital messages don’t get through, your productivity can be seriously compromised.

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Remote & Mobile

The experts at Timbox are able to configure mobile devices and laptops to access email and network resources remotely.

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Data Security

We live in a world where the safety and integrity of data is critically important. Lost files, approach to data protection can prove disastrous to you.

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When it’s time to upgrade your IT equipment, we offer a fully comprehensive advice and installation service.

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At Timbox we specialize in rolling out software installation solutions that give your business exactly what it needs.

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The Timbox team can turn you and your colleagues from quaking novices into software ninjas and help you squeeze every ounce of value out of your software.

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About Us

We provide IT support solutions to small and medium companies in the Essex and South East region. This ranges from full system installations to specific custom-built business requirements. As we have a deep affection with technology and the latest trends. We are always thinking outside of the box and how it can transform businesses such as yours for the better.


Get our views on the current news and most challenging issues facing SMBs today.

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