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If installing the right hardware is the essence of any successful enterprise, then complementing it with the right software is just as important. At Timbox we specialize in rolling out software installation solutions that give your business exactly what it needs to deal with legacy issues from previous installations, stay on top of upgrade cycles and continue to deliver maximum uptime.

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At the core of what we offer is a deep knowledge of configuring software to optimise the way you do business. In real terms this might mean customising Windows to provide levels of functionality appropriate to different members of staff, or refreshing and upgrading operating systems to the latest version. And of course, with our support plans, you’ll never need to feel like you’ve just been abandoned with a pile of manuals you don’t understand.

  • Experts in the installation and configuration of Microsoft operating systems and Microsoft Office software
  • Full site surveys mean you’ll get just the right kind of advice and guidance about the most appropriate software solution for you
  • Choose from a range of support options that include ‘pay as you go’, remote support and fully managed services
  • Experienced in providing fully-scoped, cost-effective bulk licensing solutions across major software platforms

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