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Our Services


If installing the right hardware is the essence of any successful enterprise, then complementing it with the right software is just as important. At Timbox we specialise in rolling out software installation solutions that give your business exactly what it needs to deal with legacy issues from previous installations, stay on top of upgrade cycles and continue to deliver maximum uptime.

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At the core of what we offer is a deep knowledge of configuring software to optimise the way you do business. In real terms this might mean customising Windows to provide levels of functionality appropriate to different members of staff, or refreshing and upgrading operating systems to the latest version. And of course, with our support plans, you’ll never need to feel like you’ve just been abandoned with a pile of manuals you don’t understand.

  • Experts in the installation and configuration of Microsoft operating systems and Microsoft Office software
  • Full site surveys mean you’ll get just the right kind of advice and guidance about the most appropriate software solution for you
  • Choose from a range of support options that include ‘pay as you go’, remote support and fully managed services
  • Experienced in providing fully-scoped, cost-effective bulk licensing solutions across major software platforms

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We live in a world where the safety and integrity of data is critically important. Lost files, attacks from malicious software and an ‘open door’ approach to data protection can prove disastrous to you and your customers… and that’s before the bill for reputational damage comes in.

Timbox can help you minimise the risk of attack to your enterprise by installing and configuring anti-virus solutions that keep your software, hardware and traffic safe from security threats. We’re certified Symantec experts too, which means you’ll benefit from our experience in providing business with some of the most widely-used security software on the market today.

And of course our network security expertise doesn’t just extend to anti-virus solutions – we also understand that robust protection of your IT systems is a product of intelligent, fit-for-purpose security design that puts a premium on data security.

That’s why we are:
  • Skilled in properly configuring firewalls and border routers to offer immediate protection against pernicious attacks at the perimeter of your network.
  • Able to offer bespoke security design that ensures safe access to resources for remote workers.
  • Able to provide effective reporting and monitoring tools that comply with internal and external security standards.


The safe, reliable transit of email messages is a mission-critical component of your business. When email goes down and those vital messages don’t get through, your productivity can be seriously compromised.

Email client logos

Timbox can help to keep the flow of information moving with our managed email solutions. Whether it’s installing and configuring Microsoft Outlook or Mac Mail or ensuring you’re able to access your messages remotely, we’ve got your requirements covered. For businesses requiring ’email on the go’ through smartphones, tablets and other devices, we’re also able analyse your electronic communications needs and implement the solution that gives you maximum return on your investment.


When it’s time to upgrade your IT equipment, we offer a fully comprehensive advice and installation service. We will:

  • Survey your site to identify equipment that needs updating.
  • Procure the requisite hardware and install it for you in the most appropriate configuration for your business needs.
  • Train your staff in getting the most from their upgrades.

We are fully conversant in PC and printer installation, as well as the installation and development of fully networked solutions that deliver enhanced connectivity for your business.

Remote and Mobile Working

Successful modern enterprises stay connected on the move – wherever their staff are in the world. The experts at Timbox are able to configure mobile devices and laptops to access email and network resources remotely, opening up flexible working and allowing employees to create, amend and share documents when they’re away from the office.

A word about cloud computing..

Remote storage of data accessed through a web browser allows for a safe, flexible alternative to locally housed servers. Known as ‘the cloud’, it’s something that’s revolutionising the way that business does business.

At Timbox we’re experienced in walking our clients through their cloud computing options. We can recommend individual data storage configurations based on your requirements and show you how this approach works in practice. For more information, get in touch with us – we’d be delighted to help.



Speak to most people in an organisation and they’ll tell you they work hard – but are they always working smart? Sometimes a little extra knowledge can go a long way towards improving productivity – and that’s where we can help.

The Timbox team can turn you and your colleagues from quaking novices into software ninjas and help you squeeze every ounce of value out of your software. For more information about our packages, get in touch.

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